Sublimation 📱

Sublimation is Atelier's main printing method.

The technique of sublimation marking is the first thing taught to new Dealers.


The creation of personalized cases

Sublimation makes it possible to carry out the main activity of the workshop, which is the creation of personalized cases for smartphones. This one is fast and of good quality for hulls. In addition, it can be used on a large number of objects such as mouse pads, mugs or coasters

Sublimation consists of printing a design or your photo on special paper, then, once placed on the desired object, heating it using a press rising to several degrees.
The heat will allow the transfer of the ink on the material which has its contact will remain stuck.

Why choose Sublimation?

  • Customization of a large number of possible products
  • No color limit 
  • A great speed
  • Good final quality