M-LOC trusted us! The company had nearly 10620 pieces to equip its employees for this new winter season and accessories.

M-LOC is 29 specialized agencies in the rental. driverless equipment and accessories for construction, industry and recycling.

Custom textile for embroidery

M-LOC has opted for several ideal winter products to equip its employees to enable them to work warm, while being comfortable.

MLOC trusted us on several products. First we have 500

vestes transformers embroidered in the heart and on the back, then 5100 t-shirt en print my

heart and back transfer. To finish the outfit, MLOC ordered 2500 bonnets in

embroidery always.

personalized mugs

M-LOC has also decided to

personalize 2520 mugs to the

brand colors. An accessory

useful which allows to increase the

visibility of their business.