M-LOC trusted us! The company had nearly 10620 pieces to equip its employees for this new winter season and accessories. M-LOC is 29 specialized agencies in the rental. driverless equipment and accessories for construction, industry and recycling. Custom textile for embroidery M-LOC has opted for several ideal winter products to equip its employees to enable them to work warm, while being comfortable. MLOC trusted...
  • Printing 🖨

    Printing 🖨
    Textile printing is a technique often used at the Atelier. The simplicity of printing Textile printing is a very simple marking technique. Similar to printing on paper, this is done at the Atelier with ecological ink. The technique is carried out on a large printer in which for example a T-shirt is placed and where the printer will project ink in order to achieve...
  • L'UV 💡

    L'UV 💡
    UV printing allows us to customize a large number of products!   The marking adapted to the large number of products! UV marking is ideal for personalizing a large number of materials: Wood, acrylic, glass, plastic. The products are placed on the printing plate and the heads of the machine project ink which will be directly dried by UV lamps.The realization is fast and...
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